Stand O' Food

Stand O' Food

Stand O Food 2 is a time management game that requires fast thinking
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Stand O Food 2 is a task management game developed by Shape Games and distributed by Alawar Games.
There are many task management games based on food serving out there. All of these are more or less the same, they only change the shop and graphics. This one is different. In Stand O Food 2 the user must think fast to get the correct hamburgers that customers demand. Here we have two lines that hold different parts of the served food. We must create the correct hamburger but only using the parts of food that are at the end of the lines. If we need anything that is not at the end of the lines we can use a dish on the food stand to use as a kind of buffer. We can buy different items after each stage to improve our burger.
Stand O Food 2 features average graphics, nevertheless is quite pleasant to play it. Music is quite good and really enhances the gaming experience.
Stand O Food 2 is a full featured time limited trial version. This trial version will stop working after 60 minutes. To keep playing the game must be registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • The game requires fast thinking
  • Good music


  • There are many similar games out there
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